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Frogs: Milk Tree Frog- Juveniles

Amazon Milk Frog Care Diurnal bold frogs that will get fairly large. Unique coloration with very distinct eyes. Comical and entertaining personality types.

Enclosure recommendations: Minimum of a 18x18x18, 24in or taller ideal. Avoid placement near windows (drafts, temperature variances, sunlight over heating).

Environmental Conditions: Temperature range: 65-82F, night time low min 65F, basking spot area up to low 80s. Target temperature 70-78F

Humidity range: 60-85% humidity.

Lighting: Low rated tropical UVB bulb: 2.0 or 5.0 Low wattage heat emitter for night on thermostat control to keep temps over 65F, cut heat once base temperature met. Daytime low wattage basking lamp to keep one region in the upper 70s low 80s. Note, hot conditions can be fatal. Keep temps no greater than low 80s.

Setup: Aim for a tropical rainforest. Use RO, distilled or spring water for daily misting to maintain humidity and add water your enmvironment. Provide larger water bowel to soak. Clean daily. Avoid TAP water. Use a remineralizer to add back minerals for soaking. Heavily plant the vivarium, thus a lush rainforest. These are the "trees"/ resting area for your tree frog. Avoid small rocks which may be accidentally ingested.

Sizes: Adult male milk frogs length of 2.5 inches nose to rear. Female length up to 4 inches. Hence these are larger size tree frogs.

Insectivorous: Feed insects such as crickets, roaches, silkworms, earthworms, occasional hornworm, being rotated into the diet regularly. Feeders should generally be smaller than the width between a frogs eyes. Fruit flies can also be fed to young frogs. Feed juveniles daily and adults 3 days per week, with 3-10 food items per frog each feeding. Monitor weight and adjust feeding accordingly.

Avoid cohabitation: Milk frogs can outcompete other organisms. Milk frogs produce a toxic substance than may harm other animals. As always minimize contact with frogs to "as needed" only. Always use gloves. Always wash hands after contacting pets. Frogs can absorb chemicals and airborne substances. Avoid using any chemicals around frogs.

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