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Frogs: Red-eyed Tree Frog

Red-eyed tree frog Agalychnis callidryas

Noctural frog. Brightly colored. Will camoflauge during the day appearing the shape of a lead. Cna be kept in small groups provided a large enough vivarium. Native to South America

Terrarium: 18x28 or taller. Vertical enclosures best. Tall plants, branches, cork bark. Tropical vivarium needed. Have nicely planted, think tropical rain forest. (Palladariums are not recommended). Water dish is needed. Cleaned daily. Use spring water or remineralized (Sea Chem Replenish) RO reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Temperature Mid 70s is ideal temperature range. Avoid temps higher than 80F. Turn off lights and run AC when temps climb above 80F

Humidity: 60-70% Do not allow vivarium to dry out. Avoid saturated environments.


Food: Crickets or Dubia. Avoid tiny prey or too large of prey. Prey should be no longer than the width between a frogs eyes. Provide a vitamin D3 calcium multi-vitamin such as Repashy Calcium Plus. Weekly can provide Repashy Supervite, Super Pig. Vitamin A can be provide twice a month.

Age: Reach maturity close to a year of age. Can live 5-10 years under proper conditions. Avoid wild caught frogs. Can have a short lifespan in captivity and hurt wild populations.

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