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Plants: $20 tropical plant starter kit for a 12x18 vivarium, 6 small plants

12x18 Tropical Vivarium Plant Starter Kit

Tropical vivarium plant starter kit includes:

-Tillandsia air plant

-Neoregia bromeliad

Starter cuttings of:


-Creeping Charlie

-String of Turtles


Place the following on web moss or substrate to encourage rooting. -Peperomia -Creeping Charlie -String of Turtles -Begonia

Begonias leaves can also be rooted in water.

Neoregia: Weekly fill the cup of the Neoregia with water to stay hydrated. Since its a epiphytic do not put in soil.

Tillandsia: epiphytic air plant. Weekly soak in water for 10 minutes. Mist daily or keep in humid enclosure to stay hydrated.

Price: $20.00

Product Code: PLANT20

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