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Isopods: Dwarf white: Trichorhina tomentosa

Clean up crew- dwarf white isopods

Trichorhina tomentosa, "Dwarf White" are small, bite size low protein needs isopods. They serve as ideal feeder/ clean-up crew insects. Unlike larger isopods they are unlikely to "bug" your amphibian or reptile nor eat frog eggs. Native to Costa Rica, they are tropical so ideal for dart frog vivarium habitats. They will live under the leaf litter or in the substrate and emerge to consume frog waste, decaying plant or other organic matter.

Cultured container should allow them to breed fairly rapidly and should be misted often having a corner with moist sphagnum moss. Setup should have ample leaf litter and should be provided supplemental vegetables/ freeze dried shrimp, oyster shell/ cuttlebone, Algae wafers, etc.

20 count per cup

Price: $20.00

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