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Dart Frog: Dendrobates Tinctorius Citronella (oow 12/23)

Dart Frogs

Dart Frogs

Dendrobates tinctorius 'Citronella' Poison dart/arrow frog Species: Dendrobates tinctorius Morph Citronella, coloring Yellow with blue legs and may have blue back spot. A bold frog, larger size, males have soft hum call. Captive breed froglet from our Breeding pair: F2s

Can live in a pair, 2 most ideal.

10 Gallon min per frog horizontal bioactive vivarium size recommended. Mostly enclosed top to keep humidity.

Temperature: Ideal temperature zone from of 65 F to 78 F, low to mid 70s best. Avoid temperatures over 80F or under 64F.

Humidity: Range of 75 – 95% Lower humidity is dangerous for dart frogs.

Food: Fruit flies should be the core food you provide supplemented with Calcium with D3/ multivitamin like Repashy Calcium plus.

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