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About us @ JNCFrogs

JNCFrogs has been working with various amphibians and reptiles since the 1990's. Santa Barbara county, CA. J=James N=Nicholas C=Christopher

We are looking to preserve and consolidate information about the proper care and husbandry of pet dart frogs. We would like to further bring together dart frog keepers and dart frog breeders to help dissuade illegal frog trafficking and dissuade the illegal frog trade and harvesting of frogs from the wild which further declines endangers frog populations. Combined with our 20+ years experience in frog husbandry, master herpetology certifications, university education in zoology, biology, physiology, chemistry, botany, and work in university, zoos and in the field, we hope to be an ideal one stop or primary resource to help the dart frog keeper community thrive and keep dart frogs happy and healthy at home and in the wild. We always welcome input, information, research from professionals, researchers, experienced keepers. Furthermore we welcome questions from all especially beginners as we are happy to put more information out into the "frogverse" for all to consume.

Special thanks to the University of California and the Santa Barbara Zoological Association.

We support the captive breeding (cb) of dart frogs and discourage the wild caught (WC) acquisition of animals. Any endorsement of wild caught frogs is prohibited on this site and forums unless it discusses the adverse concerns associated with wild caught animals. No promotional sale endorsement of wild caught frogs is permitted on this site. Wild caught salesmen are prohibited from using this site for promotion.